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100% of Proceeds Support Ukraine

Welcome to Art by Oxana

About Me

I'm a multi-media artist creating artwork on video and selling it with all proceeds donated to support humanitarian Aid to Ukraine until all Ukrainian land is free again.

I was born in Mykolaiv, Ukraine under soviet occupation and had the opportunity to visit Niagara Falls, where I met my Ukrainian-American husband and started a family. 

I earned an Associates degree in Business and Graphic Arts, and a Bachelors in Computer Science.

Now and often on Sunday afternoons, I dedicate time to express my artistic talents by painting and sharing it with you.

Until Ukraine is fully free again, I'll be donating all proceeds of my artwork sales to pay for multiple humanitarian aid projects to support Ukraine.

You can purchase my artwork on or Donate to Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine 

Ukraine was, is and will be! Your support determines how. 

Slava Ukraini! Glory to Ukraine!


"Ukrainian Power"
This Ukrainian Kozak on a horse represents the will and power to defend Ukraine from invaders. I'm selling this painting to help buy two boats for Prava Sitch platoon to cross the DNIPRO river in the Kherson region in southern Ukraine.
Acrylic Painting on Gallery Wrapped Heavy Duty Canvas 
Canvas size 48" x 60" / 121.9cm x 152.4 cm
Auction Starts at $5,000
"Ukraine Will Win"
This abstract painting represents ageless Ukrainian landscape and the struggle for peace and freedom. The blue and yellow represent the freedom of will; the black and red the cost in blood. Poppies represent mourning for our fallen soldiers. Finally, the Ukrainian trident representing the rising sun shows that Ukraine was, is, and will be Free.
Acrylic Painting 4 Piece Collection
Canvas size 60" x 24"
Auction Starts at $1,000


"Red Poppy"Acrylic on canvas 
Canvas size 24" x 36"
Sold  All proceeds were donated to UAFF